Hi! I’m Adele!

I was rescued at just a few days old from a dingy doghouse with my siblings by @pittyloverescue in Rochester, NY. I stayed with a nice lady that had lots of dogs for a few weeks before a new lady came and picked me up. They called her my “Foster.”

I liked living with her! She had fun roommates and a not-dog named Monster, apparently she’s what they call a “cat!” We went all over to practice being a good puppy and went to lots of adoption events, but no one ever picked me. Foster mom hugged me lots and told me that my furever family was just taking a while to realize I was waiting for them. I didn’t mind waiting though! Then when I was six months old, a nice family came and met me, and then I went home with them for a few months. I liked them and their other dogs, but their one dog didn’t like me so much, so a few months later my foster mom came and picked me up from them.

I was so excited to see her, it felt like forever! She said she was sorry for leaving me and that she had been silly and finally realized that SHE was my furever family! Duh! So now I live with her and some new roommates while she goes to Vet School in Philly! It’s a lot of fun and I couldn’t be happier! It’s funny how things work out, isn’t it?

Thanks @iwylie and @pittyloverescue. You can rescue one of Adele’s friends at pittyloverescue.org.