Mr. Biggs A.K.A Biggie

Thank you to Michelle for sharing the story of Biggie…

Our story begins long before Biggie officially became my family.

I had met him at my friend’s house where he lived. I spent time and bonded with him while I hung out with my friends. Biggie was my buddy. He was always so happy to see me, followed me around and snuggled with me on the couch. If I brought over a boyfriend, Biggie would act jealous; sitting on my lap between me and my man, he’d get agitated if a guy showed any affection towards me while around him. Biggie and I had a special bond with each other.

After a few years, I bought my first home. Almost a year later, my friend approached me and told me that her allergies to Biggie had intensified. She explained that they had gotten so bad that she would break out in hives if he was in the same room with her. She said that she could no longer keep him and couldn’t bear giving him up to a shelter. Since Biggie and I seemed to enjoy each other so much, it seemed to be a perfect fit. So I initially was hesitant. The only pets I had ever had were fish and hamsters. I was still getting settled into my new home and making it mine. I worked all day and lived alone so he would only have me and our time would be limited. I was trying to find every excuse that this would be a bad idea, but they all sounded too pathetic. My friend knew I loved him, he knew I loved him, and he knew he loved me. I finally cracked and said OK but only on a trial basis for a week or two just to see if things would work between us. Well, I think I was the only one that partially agreed with that statement.

So, the next weekend, Biggie was brought to my house with his belongings. It was almost instantaneous that I felt that Biggie was my family and had always been my dog and that he had just been living in someone else’s house. Needless to say, that one week trial never really existed. It has been 5 years since that first day he officially joined my family and I would have it no other way. Biggie was my rock thru many ups and downs over the years and has always loved me unconditionally. I could not imagine my life without him. As the years go by, I can see him getting older and his body starting to fail him slowly. I cherish every day with Biggie and love him unconditionally. Biggie is my boy; always has been and will always be.


Hi, I’m Bean! I was rescued in August 2014 from the South Los Angeles, CA, shelter. I had been there for a month and was supposed to be adopted but then it was canceled because I had kennel cough. Luckily for me, when my now parents found that out, they knew it was easy to take care of and didn’t care! They loved how high I jumped and that I was giving lots of love to the old dachshund I shared my kennel with. I love everyone I meet and gives lots of kisses! I get to go so many places with my parents, and sleep under the covers every night! Some people ask my mom, “Who rescued who?”!


Life lessons with Riddick
“Time is a great healer. No one gets through life without hurt; some we cause, some we deserve, some we have no say in. Rescued dogs are much like humans in this respect. Both may bear outward evidence of this hurt with bodies that carry the scars like badges of the turmoil this one has survived. Mistreatment, bad choices, and tragedies on display. Many are marked forever with their past, snouts and ears ripped, teeth broken from the fight for survival, necks encircled as if the chain were still tightly clamped, and wasted muscle hiding behind a bony cage. Damage is not always visible. In fact sometimes the wounds unseen are the most destructive. It is this hand I was dealt. I am strong. My hide is unmarred by visible signs of my struggles, but that makes them no less real. Whether abuse, neglect, indifference, or ignorance, it is obvious that my deafness has never been addressed in any sort of constructive way. As a result, it has created this anxious, mistrustful, beautiful creature. The damage shows in the eyes. The hardness of an armored heart is displayed in the dark, furtive glances and the anticipation of something dreaded. A young, joyful soul beaten down. Then there is time. It has been working its magic on me. It chips away at the bad memories and habits in an effort to rebuild them. It creates distance. As my offense wavers, their defensiveness lessens. As I learn restraint, they loosen my boundaries. As I release tension, they are teasing and playful. As I seek affection, their hands invite more. Time is teaching me that as I give more, I get more. My eyes are softening. I know because I can see them reflected in those I am learning to trust. When the wounds have healed with time, wear the scars proudly. They are not a reminder of tragic life circumstances, but a reminder of how much you have overcome.”


This is Diesel.

His owner passed away and while the family dealt with his estate him and his brother were kept in a stable. Fed but otherwise left alone. His brother took out his separation anxiety with anger and unfortunately didn’t make it. Diesel as you can see by the photo went inside himself. He had never had a collar or lead on. But over the next few days we got him used to one and got him in the car. Chilli, his new sister then took over the training.  When we got him home she greeted him carefully. Sensing his anxiety she let him go and check out his new home. Even on his first couple of trips to the dog park she kept a close eye on him and other dogs and when required she kept other dogs away if his stress levels went up. She was amazing. Its been over two years now and he has a pack of 15 dogs that he calls his friends and even though we still have testing times he has found his forever home.


-Diesel’s human Dave




Mí nombré es Bonnie. I was rescued from the streets of Puerto Rico. I love the beach, but I’m not a huge fan of going in the water. I’m a big fan of walks and my sister like to run races with me sometimes. I try to let her win every once in awhile. I love sailing and being with my family. It’s important that they are all in the same room at the same time otherwise I have to run back and forth to check on them. My sister gives me commands en español. She’s muy bien! I really enjoy spicy food and coconut frozen ice cream too.

Be sure to follow the humans who helped rescue me @capeannanimalaid and my mom @justagirlinashop to see more wonderful pictures of my new life.


Hi, I’m Ashie!

My human sent in my rescue story. “Ashie is a 7 year old Australian Silky Terrier. Ashie was saved from being put to sleep, she wasn’t wanted anymore but we couldn’t put her down. We were fostering her temporarily until a rescue group had an opening for her when she wiggled her way into our hearts. She picked us and we couldn’t stand the thought of her not being in our lives so we adopted her. Ashie is somewhat damaged and it takes her a while to warm to men, but she is coming around. She loves to hang out with her new mum and go on adventures. “

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Lulu and Rosie

We’re Lulu and Rosie. We were both adopted from Starpaws Rescue in SoCal but several years apart. Our mom does not know the complete specifics of each of our rescues but has the basics. Lulu( fawn color) was born from a feral dog named Zuma who is now adopted and loved.

Zuma began giving birth on a driveway in Los Angeles when the owner of the house took her in so she could birth in the laundry room. She called Star Paws and that’s how I landed in rescue. My sister Rosie was not quite as lucky. From what our mom understands she was left in a box in Sun Valley California with siblings to die in the hot sun chained to a fence.

The volunteers at Star Paws were tipped off and we were saved from death. God only knows how long we were out there. These are our stories. We are super loved and cherished. We have a family and a happy safe life.

See more pictures of us @rosiedosie1020


Hi! My name is Heidi and I am cute and I know it.

My mom usually tells me I am the perfect dog. But believe it or not before coming to my forever home I was abandoned twice. Last one because I left lot of fur on the sofa!! That night there were an overbooking in the shelter so they were planning to put many dogs down.

A volunteer put me into her jacket and sent me to my mom. She felt in love with me so much and never let me go. I was depressed and ill for a couple of weeks but now I am happy, sweet and lazy and love cheese and yogurt. @paifuulin


Hi, My name is Stetson. I am a four year old Pitbull Lab mix. I had a rough start to life. I was abandoned in West Valley animal shelter at just 5 months old. I stayed there for a month and was adopted, I thought that was the end to my story.

But no, six months later I found myself at Castaic animal shelter where I sat for another two months until New Leash on Life pulled me from the shelter. I stayed at New Leash on Life for a year! I worked very closely with an employee there who taught me everything I know. When she moved and had to leave her job she adopted me and took me with her. I have now been in my forever home for over a year.

My person runs Tails and Scales Animal Rescue and now I even assist in socializing animals that are coming out of situations I was in as a pup and play with them until they find their forever home. I am happy and spoiled!

You can visit my human’s website at or @tailsandscalesanimalrescue to see other rescue animals available for adoption. Woof!

oswin rescued dog


Hi my name is Oswin.

My family found me at the @cityofbuffaloanimalshelter and it was love at first sniff. They didn’t know much about me, but they kept trying to put me on this long rope and take me for something they called a “walk.”

At first I was so scared, especially when approaching moving cars. Most of the time my new mom had to pick me up (all 50 lbs) and carry me down the driveway just to get me started. But now, I absolutely love these walk things and i would spend every second on a walk or run or swim if I could.

I was so sad at the shelter after being abandoned that my new mom didn’t even realize that one of my ears hilariously did not match the other. They had no idea I could be even cuter. Today my favorite activities are snuggling and spending every second with my family. I know they would never leave me, but I try to stay close by anyways.

You can follow my new life at @oswin_the_ear