This is Diesel.

His owner passed away and while the family dealt with his estate him and his brother were kept in a stable. Fed but otherwise left alone. His brother took out his separation anxiety with anger and unfortunately didn’t make it. Diesel as you can see by the photo went inside himself. He had never had a collar or lead on. But over the next few days we got him used to one and got him in the car. Chilli, his new sister then took over the training.  When we got him home she greeted him carefully. Sensing his anxiety she let him go and check out his new home. Even on his first couple of trips to the dog park she kept a close eye on him and other dogs and when required she kept other dogs away if his stress levels went up. She was amazing. Its been over two years now and he has a pack of 15 dogs that he calls his friends and even though we still have testing times he has found his forever home.


-Diesel’s human Dave