We’re Lulu and Rosie. We were both adopted from Starpaws Rescue in SoCal but several years apart. Our mom does not know the complete specifics of each of our rescues but has the basics. Lulu( fawn color) was born from a feral dog named Zuma who is now adopted and loved.

Zuma began giving birth on a driveway in Los Angeles when the owner of the house took her in so she could birth in the laundry room. She called Star Paws and that’s how I landed in rescue. My sister Rosie was not quite as lucky. From what our mom understands she was left in a box in Sun Valley California with siblings to die in the hot sun chained to a fence.

The volunteers at Star Paws were tipped off and we were saved from death. God only knows how long we were out there. These are our stories. We are super loved and cherished. We have a family and a happy safe life.

See more pictures of us @rosiedosie1020