Hi my name is Oswin.

My family found me at the @cityofbuffaloanimalshelter and it was love at first sniff. They didn’t know much about me, but they kept trying to put me on this long rope and take me for something they called a “walk.”

At first I was so scared, especially when approaching moving cars. Most of the time my new mom had to pick me up (all 50 lbs) and carry me down the driveway just to get me started. But now, I absolutely love these walk things and i would spend every second on a walk or run or swim if I could.

I was so sad at the shelter after being abandoned that my new mom didn’t even realize that one of my ears hilariously did not match the other. They had no idea I could be even cuter. Today my favorite activities are snuggling and spending every second with my family. I know they would never leave me, but I try to stay close by anyways.

You can follow my new life at @oswin_the_ear