Life lessons with Riddick
“Time is a great healer. No one gets through life without hurt; some we cause, some we deserve, some we have no say in. Rescued dogs are much like humans in this respect. Both may bear outward evidence of this hurt with bodies that carry the scars like badges of the turmoil this one has survived. Mistreatment, bad choices, and tragedies on display. Many are marked forever with their past, snouts and ears ripped, teeth broken from the fight for survival, necks encircled as if the chain were still tightly clamped, and wasted muscle hiding behind a bony cage. Damage is not always visible. In fact sometimes the wounds unseen are the most destructive. It is this hand I was dealt. I am strong. My hide is unmarred by visible signs of my struggles, but that makes them no less real. Whether abuse, neglect, indifference, or ignorance, it is obvious that my deafness has never been addressed in any sort of constructive way. As a result, it has created this anxious, mistrustful, beautiful creature. The damage shows in the eyes. The hardness of an armored heart is displayed in the dark, furtive glances and the anticipation of something dreaded. A young, joyful soul beaten down. Then there is time. It has been working its magic on me. It chips away at the bad memories and habits in an effort to rebuild them. It creates distance. As my offense wavers, their defensiveness lessens. As I learn restraint, they loosen my boundaries. As I release tension, they are teasing and playful. As I seek affection, their hands invite more. Time is teaching me that as I give more, I get more. My eyes are softening. I know because I can see them reflected in those I am learning to trust. When the wounds have healed with time, wear the scars proudly. They are not a reminder of tragic life circumstances, but a reminder of how much you have overcome.”